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Obesity is a life-threatening condition that can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and reduced mobility. It often also leads to social isolation and emotional problems.

To resolve this, gastric band surgery can be performed. By surgically reducing the stomach overeating is no longer possible. There are, however, many risks associated with surgery. Also underlying reasons for eating too much are not addressed.

Using Hypnosis, it is now possible to instal a virtual gastric band that is just as effective but without all the dangers of an operation. ​

  •  No anaesthesia

  •  No Recovery Period 

  •  No scars

  •  Permanent Result 

  •  Worldwide Tested Programme

Providing you with the Best Solutions 

I've been pursuing my passion to help people who struggle with their emotions, thoughts and behaviours, since first setting up my private practice in 1995. During that time, I had already been working with people seeking  to address their weight problems. We did this, mostly, from the viewpoint of discovering underlying issues and changing their perspectives around those issues.


On discovering the Virtual Gastric Band technique, I was intrigued and underwent the training.


It has been an honour to witness the tremendous, life changing, success of my clients over the last few years. 


Most recently ,during and in the aftermath of the effects of the "Covid restrictions", I've realised that there is a positive case for prioritising treatment for weight loss. The benefits can be so great that other conditions, such as lack of confidence, anxiety and low self esteem, can be significantly improved as a result of the achievement of shedding excess weight. 

Julie Jaina
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