Are you one of those people that have a constant battle with the scales? Virtual Gastric Band will help you to finally take back control of your life. You'll discover how to create new empowering habits that'll help you win your weight loss challenge for good and live a happier life simply by changing how you think, move and eat.


  • Most people who follow diets lose weight but  their weight can return and more

  • It's estimated that 95 percent of all people on diets go through this "yo-yo" cycle

  • Most diets contain some form of deprivation and/or denial

  • With each diet the mind is programmed to think about food so, after a diet, we find ourselves thinking about food even more often than before!


Obesity is a life-threatening condition that can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and reduced mobility. It often also leads to social isolation and emotional problems.

To resolve this, gastric band surgery can be performed. By surgically reducing the stomach overeating is no longer possible. There are, however, many risks associated with surgery. Also underlying reasons for eating too much are not addressed.

Using Hypnosis, it is now possible to instal a virtual gastric band that is just as effective but without all the dangers of an operation. 

  •  No anaesthesia

  •  No Recovery Period 

  •  No scars

  •  Permanent Result 

  •  Worldwide Tested Program

  •  Conducted by Internationally Qualified Specialists