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Reiki is a healing approach that aims to restore balance at physical, emotional and spiritual levels by dissolving energy blocks and replacing them with positive energy, using a hands-off or light touch technique. 

Clients report that a Reiki session relieves stress and is deeply relaxing. It can promote inner harmony by bringing balance to your mind and emotions, offering time for inner reflection, bringing awareness back to your body and stimulating your body's innate capacity for self-healing.


Whilst the concept of Reiki can be difficult for a western mind to take in, if you allow yourself to suspend judgement and give it a try you could feel the results yourself. For the more technically minded it might help to consider the therapist and client as electromagnetic systems; emitting energy and, in turn, receiving energy from other systems. Every one of us has the ability to channel healing energy by tuning into and become aware of other systems. 


To optimise your Reiki session it'll help if you keep meals light and avoid red meat, sugary foods and drinks, caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours prior to your appointment.


It's also beneficial if you can arrange time to be on your own following your treatment. This will allow you space for self-awareness and reflection.

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