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Includes 4 MP3s &Workbook  

The Virtual Surgery

Start your weight loss journey. 

Introductory Session

An hour's taster session...

Lose Weight Safely &

Easily with Hypnosis


Will It Work for Me?

It will work for you if you truly want it to and have a reasonable imagination…

Close your eyes and imagine a red door in front of you with a white ivory door handle. Can you see it? If not, can you imagine that it’s there? You need only allow yourself to deeply relax in order for hypnotherapy to work for you. As the programme continues, you’ll feel a freeing in your mind and a lightening of the load from emotional burdens.

In the trance state, you achieve very deep relaxation.

The process will be a delight rather than be a burden. Your virtual gastric band results will affect your mind and your body. Each session is tailored to the specific and stated goals reached you and myself during the first meeting.

The primary reason this will work for you is that the programme can eliminate your cravings while

at the same time working with the emotional eating that caused the weight gain in the first place.

No Surgery

Gastric Band surgery can cause medical complications.

Don’t risk your life when you can accomplish better results safely and immediately.


Cost Effective

The Virtual Gastric Band

is not only more effective

than surgery,

it’s much

more affordable.

You feel great

Surgery will leave you feeling beat up for weeks. The Virtual Gastric Band leaves you feeling energised and excited about life.

No time off work

Your sessions take place in a comfortable dedicated consulting area. Each session 

is only an hour long, so it’s easy

to fit into your busy schedule.

Helping You Take Care of Your Health

Hypnotherapy is kind of like changing a light bulb.

It takes very little effort but it can illuminate your life like you never thought possible.

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