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Managing Coronavirus

Free Phone Clinic

As the virus continues to spread and the number of diagnosed cases increases, anxiety related to the outbreak, understandably, is on the rise. Although feeling anxious in response to such a threat is a normal human reaction, sustained high anxiety can undermine constructive responses to the crisis. People who already suffer from anxiety and related disorders are especially likely to have a hard time during this crisis.

Many people can’t afford a therapist in the first place. If you were to decide that now is a good time to get one, you might find it even more difficult than usual, with increased personal financial constraints and health-care services growing more strained under the threat of infection.

In response to this I am offering phone consultations that will be free of charge to those people who are most vulnerable. In the first instance the phone clinic hours will be 2-6pm Mondays and Wednesdays. Phone appointment requests can be made either by email or calling 01480 217 831 (if I'm unable to come to the phone please leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP).


I'm constantly monitoring the impact of Coronavirus and will keep this page regularly updated so please keep checking in.

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